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Educational project   |   topic: rituals  |   2016   |   5 weeks


"Motus" mobile barbeque is the easy solution for a quick barbecue with family and friends. No more waiting for a empty spot at the fire place, carrying around several boxes with cutlery and dishes and no more waste produced by one way grills.

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What are our everyday life rituals?


Rituals play a major in our lives and can dictate our daily routine.

Looking for design opportunities by analyzing routines quickly results in a vast amount of possibly impactful concepts.

The ritual of going out for a barbecue with family or friends is a very common one and offers great opportunities. Improvements can be especially made in conveniences, logistics and the reduction of produced waste.


The idea was to combine a gas-grill with a carrying device, thus avoiding the use of one-way products and excess in object to carry when going out for a bbq.

After a quick form exploration through sketching and CAD I came to the conclusion, that a suitcase-like grill with several compartments would be most suitable and easiest to handle. The final shape represents a modern look with delicate details while remaining robust and function-focused.


Final Design

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Combining the essentials.

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Less waste, less hassle.

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